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The Easy Key socket is a SC/APC female-female adapter in an angled configuration designed for mounting on a keystone support, equipped with the innovative Easy Lock system for connector security.

Within the wall box, on the system side, the 40° angle allows for more space to bend the optical fiber with a greater bending radius, thus avoiding exceeding the minimum permissible bending limits. The downward angle of fiber exit on the user side helps prevent potential damage to the optical fiber from accidental impacts or furniture placement.

Easy Key outlet is equipped on the user-side with the innovative Easy Lock protection system against unwanted disconnections of the fiber connector: the adapter has a flexible retaining element on its top surface edge that prevents the extraction of the connector, allowing it only thanks to the use of a lever tool.

The outlet is also equipped with a dust cap which also acts as a safety lock.

Easy Key outlet has a 'Keystone' type coupling system, so it can be mounted on any relative support. Keystone supports (FK ..) are available, compatible with all the most used electrical building infrastructure systems.
The installation of the optical fiber is facilitated thanks also to the use of the Fiber Wrapping Basket (CAF).

Easy Key esploso.png



Is a plastic support that ensures the proper winding and arrangement of excess optical fiber cable inside the wall termination boxes of classic civilian series.


Front panels are available to support keystone module compatibility with all Italian civilian series.


Easy Key
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