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Easy Lock is an SC type fiber adapter with the addition of a flexible retaining element on top of its surface edge. With this solution, unwanted disconnection of the standard SC connector is not possible, unless a tool or a particular release maneuver will be applied. This new adapter is mainly intended when optical fibers are handled by end users, but can be used also in situations where security problems are important (MDF in the central offices, closed-connect cabinets, termination boxes,...), as it guarantees compatibility with IEC 61754-4 SC connectors.


The connection is made in the same
way as with traditional SC adapters: he
flexible retaining clip is automatically
raised when the SC connector is

EasyLock_sblocco 4_x.png
EasyLock_sblocco 6.png

When fully inserted, the SC connector is
locked in place by the flexible clip thus
preventing any accidental disconnection



The disconnection can be carried out by raising the flexible clip, using an external
tool, and at the same time pulling back the body of the SC connector


Easy Lock
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