Easy Link

The innovative FTTH box for connectivity services

Easy Link is the ideal solution for FTTH installation in existing buildings.
Thanks to the special cover with a breakable slot, Easy Link can be either wall mounted or installated onto an
existing socket, even fully occupied by other services.

The fiber cable on the system side can enter, even pre-connected, both flush with the wall and from the inside
of the wall box.

Easy Link is universal and compatible with any type of electrical building infrastructure system (power, TV, RJ45,
etc ...)


Easy Link is characterized by a single main body and is therefore suitable for quick installation even by unskilled labor and without incurring the risk of damaging the optical fiber during installation.


A further advantage is that Easy Link can be installed together with existing sockets using the same wall box, without having to disconnect the existing sockets from their system and without having to make masonry work such as for example new wall attachment holes.


Easy Link is equipped with Easy Lock , the SC type adapter with the addition on the edge of the upper surface of a flexible clip for the safety lock, which makes it impossible to accidentally disconnect the male connector, making the Easy Link socket much more safe compared to traditional FTTH sockets.


Small footprint, only 13 mm of wall overhang

Easy Lock user connection with safety lock (patent and IEC international standardization process pending)

Simplified installation, with a single cable/fiber excess management tray

Secure wall attachment thanks to the fixing screws of the existing socket frame

Possibility of installation with cables pre-connected or connectorized on the field, with or without fiber joint

Possibility of the optical cable entry on each of the four sides of Easy Link

Possibility of adapter positioning on the right or left bottom side

Space for RFID tag insertion

Safety dust cap supplied with anti-loss strap

Mounting flush to the wall or on the wall box, even fully occupied by existing outlets.





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