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Easy Fiber is an innovative system that enables the highest quality connections to be made quickly and easily.
After threading the optical cable, which is also possible in piping already dedicated to other uses (e.g., electricity), it will be sufficient to remove the tow system and recompose the mechanical components of the supplied kit to obtain, in a matter of seconds, the standard SC/APC connector ready for use.

Easy Fiber does not require specific equipment or special expertise from the installer.

Easy Fiber Kit

corpo interno.png

Inner body



corpo esterno.png

External body


Dust Cap

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Easy Fiber is the only system which allows you to install optical patchcords preconnectorized on both ends in places where previously it was possible to insert only optical cables without a connector

Quick installation times

Completing the connector is a simple operation, much faster (realization time <30 sec) compared to the field connectorization of a cable using either hot or cold junctions


Easy Fiber is within the reach of installers not
highly specialized in the optical field

Maximum quality possible

Easy Fiber connectorizations are factory made, thus ensuring the best possible connection quality according to highest international standards

Integrated pulling system and ferrule protection

Easy Fiber uses the kevlar of the optical cable as a specific pulling system characterized by a protective sheath removable without the use of tools: this system also has a fiber anti-collapse function, thanks to the rubber tail embedded on the ferrule holder and the cable sheath partially superimposed on the tail, and a temporary protection of the ferrule, thanks to the specific PVC sheath

Installation without tools

Easy Fiber does not require any professional tool (for example Splicer, Stripper, Cutter, OTDR, ...); the only tool required is a pair of scissors for cutting kevlar

Test reports supplied with each cable

Easy Fiber cables are tested and the guaranteed values of I.L. and R.L. fulfil Grade C for Insertion Loss and Grade 1 for Return Loss

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